Thursday, 6 November 2008

Who Rules the World?

She has her wants, and some of them are needs
But who can tell where needs end
And the whims begin?
She is so vulnerable, fragility her strength
For who can stand against the needy and say “No”
When “No” is nothing but the truth?

I have my wants, and some of them are needs
But all I crave is harmony
And so I let myself be ruled
Because to take a stand for what I know is right
Will lead to battles I’ve no stomach for
A world is shaped around the strongest will
And in her weakness
She is Queen

How long can this go on? How long before the whimsy
Eats away the very bedrock of our lives?
Seen from outside, I am the ruler of this little state
I have the health, the strength, the wisdom drawn from time
Among real people, real objectives, triumphs and disasters
Unafraid to go out into the world
Whenever need or fancy call me through the door
So all the obligations fall to me
But all the power I could bring to bear
To carve our lives into a noble form
Lies uncollected at her feet.

Will Hames, Nov. 2008


Will said...

This may look like "Poor me", but it's just my attempt to make sense of my situation by telling it like it is. Until I do that, I can't really change anything.

Nympha Angeal-Eyes Francis said...

Making sense of one's situation is the beginning of self acceptance and, courage to change what may be changeable!

All the best and keep persevering!

The Lesser Weevil said...

Wow! What can I say. Take the greatest, greatest care of yourself, Will. I stood in your position for 26 years and the reality shock when it comes, is most unpleasant. Be strong and know that you ARE doing the best thing for the time being - you are SURVIVING! The rest will come in it's own good time, but you already know you cannot afford to become bitter. You probably already realise that your faith and your sense of humour are your very best weapons of mass destruction, for they will help you do destroy anything that is in danger of knocking down walls before you're ready to deal with what's outside them. God Bless and keep smiling!