Sunday, 4 July 2010

To Visit You Some Time

I'd like to visit you some time
And see the light of welcome in your eyes
As I walk through the door, the look that speaks of joy
For every second that we spend together
I'd like to visit you some time
To sit a while and listen as you tell me how your life has been
How it is now, and how you'd expected it to be
Back in the days when it was your job
To dream of greatness, because you were a kid
I'd like to visit you some time
To tend your wounded spirits, your sad flesh
Then smile as you thank me for my thoughtfulness
And tell me how much you look forward to my visits
I'd like to visit you some time
Knowing that the hour or two I gladly give you from my busy day
Is solid proof of my worth as a selfless human being
With a huge, compassionate heart
I'd like to visit you some time
And lift you out of your depression
By talking of the funny things I've seen
The silly conversations overheard on buses
I'd like to visit you some time
And as I leave, tell you and mean it
That I really, really wish I could stay longer
And that I'd be counting the hours until the next time
I'd like to visit you some time
And do us both a power of good
Celebrating a friendship that makes mere love
Seem pale and feeble by comparison
I'd like to visit you some time
Instead of spending twenty four hours of every day
Right here at your service, grudgingly doing the barest minimum
To keep us both going, while you lie there and wish I could do more
Care more, say the right things, wear the right expression
Fill you with enthusiasm from a boundless store of positivity
That drives away your misery without for a single moment
Seeming to trivialise your burdens
I want to run away right now
And build myself a life worth living
And when that is done
I'd really like to visit you some time.


Will said...

Thank God I've got that off my chest. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

Violetwrites said...

This is wonderful so compassionate - speaks to the you of us in all of us - wanting attention and love for who we feel we are and our accomplishments mixed with the universal giving and taking of relationships

What comes across is the idea that we, like Ehco in the dollhouse, (tv escapade), must always try to be our best.

Don Stabler said...

Well I can't say we haven't been
waiting, like you in a wizards hat and proud joyful lines. thank you Will, we have come to pay homage but as our visit ends it's us who's paid back twice fold. there seems to be static on the line, it must be read again, then we'll be normal.

ben said...

Hames family